York Ponds and Water Features

Water can help to create a relaxing environment. Wether it be a simple bubbling water feature or a feature pond with fascinating koi carp exploring their surroundings, at Waterdale landscapes we have the expertise to construct an interesting focal point for your garden.

Water features are relatively simple to construct. A small reservoir is dug into the ground and covered using a supporting galvanised metal grill.

A recirculating submersible pump is placed into the reservoir and connected to an electricity supply. The feature is placed on top of the metal grill and the pump pushes water through a pipe, over your desired feature and back into the reservoir.

Finally, the metal grill is disguised using a combination of gravel and cobbles before planting around to naturalise the feature.

Ponds are a little more time consuming.

First of all you need to decide wether you would like a natural pond or a formal edged pond. Natural ponds are generally created by excavating a hole and shaping the ground to provide shelving for plants to be positioned on.

A pond liner is placed into the hole before filling it with water.

The edge of this type of pond is naturalised using a combination of rockery stone, cobbles and planting. A pump and filtration system generally help to keep the water clear and depending if you have fish and how many, there are different systems available on the market.

Finally, you may decide that you would like a formal pond or one to specifically keep koi carp. These type of ponds are more specialised and require a little more thought.

The construction of a koi pond is generally done using concrete blocks and bricks, rendered and lined using fibreglass.

The filtration system is key. There is no point having wonderful fish if you can't see them! So calculations are made to determine the system which is right for your pond.

Depending on your budget and individual requirements we can create an interesting pond or water feature that adds something special to your garden, so contact us to discuss your ideas and we can make them a reality.

York Ponds and Water Features
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