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Decking is often used in gardens where the ground slopes. It is generally a less expensive alternative in situations where retaining walls and infill is required to create a level seating or patio area in your garden.

All our decking is constructed using treated timber with any supporting posts fixed into the ground within concrete footings.

We can offer different grades of deck boards, ranging from softwood, hardwood and decking which is made from composite materials.

Softwood is the most widely used but depending on your requirements we can tailor your decking area to your specific needs.

Even if your garden is not sloping, decking is a good alternative to other more widely used paving materials.

Deck areas can be positioned directly below the threshold of your door to give a level surface outside your property. This works well when you want to give the impression of extending your inside living area directly out of your house.

If you would like to discuss ideas for a deck area, contact us and we will happily help you to create the deck of your dreams.

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